Pony for the Day – Six horses, Six riders…

…Eight Helpers, one fantastic Instructor – No parents/carers. What can possibly go wrong????? Answer – nothing!!

What an absolutely fantastic day!

I have never had so much fun…..the treasure hunt saw an amazing amount of enthusiasm, hands up everywhere, shouting, laughing with much running around whilst the horses were having lunch and looking on with some superior amusement and a certain look in their eye.horse-laughing-clipart-cliparts-of-free-download-wmf-1128929

That was nothing compared to Riding Games we had after a lovely lunch sitting on hay bales, in the hay barn. For me, I have never seen or heard such laughter in the trotting games…and there was such a lot of it!

In the aftermath it seems that the day just epitomised and underlines what the RDA means to all concerned…..fun and more fun. It was such a good day.

Ian Crawford