Money for RDA for nothing – yes really!

This is quite unbelievable but true – you may have already heard of it – easyfundraising?

Headline is – with one extra click when you are buying on-line you can raise money for the RDA for absolute free. Difficult to believe? Here is a snapshot of my account….


Crystal Ski holidays just gave (looks like about) 1% to RDA just for us booking our holiday with them. It cost us nothing extra, it was booked on the identical Crystal booking page, and if you didn’t know, you wouldn’t have even noticed.

I so wished that I had started this up before I bought all my Christmas presents! But I was a little wary – as you might expect and you may be too. So I did some research, in my view this is a GREAT business model which in fact not only gets retailers more business but fulfils some aspects of their Corporate Responsibility. So in fact there are good reasons for this money to be “free” – they will get it back in other ways.

Meanwhile, our ponies get hay, our wonderful yard staff get more resources and who knows – maybe we can get the new indoor school in a different way!

In my next blog I will explain more about how it works but if you want to get going straight away – here is the link.

Amanda Graham