Easyfundraising – as you buy your Christmas presents, get FREE donations for the RDA!

Have a look at this… these are donations for FREE for the Abingdon RDA

amazon 6So – you may remember I introduced you to easyfundraising in a previous blog. Well, as we all go into a little more spending for Christmas – we can get FREE donations for the RDA.

Here is an example…say I was halfway through buying something on amazon and suddenly remembered I wanted to see if they were part of the easyfundraising scheme.

Here I am buying a Flopsies Chestnut Horse (as you do!)

amazon 1

It is in my basket and I think – whoa! I could raise money for the RDA here!

So I open another tab in the browser and go to https://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/retailer/amazon/?q=amazon&cat=retailer-autosuggest

and put Amazon into the search box

amazon 2

then click go shopping. (At this point if you haven’t registered with easyfundraising they will probably ask you to do it now). And lo and behold you end up back at Amazon on the very same page you left, with your Flopsie still in your basket.

The only slightly less helpful thing is you can’t actually tell on the screen that you have easyfundraising activated, but you will at some point get a box like this


amazon 4

and eventually an email like this where you can drill down to your account and see all the money you have raised!

amazon 5

And you will be able to see what is going on with the cause like the snapshot at the beginning of this blog.

amazon 6

So let us see if we can increase the number of supporters to at least 60 before Christmas!!

And even better if you use my refer a friend link to sign up – this one http://t.e.easyfundraising.org.uk/r/?id=h8fa7380,10046ed8,10059b86&utm_source=adobecampaign&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=engagement-2017&utm_content=supporter_engagement_not%20raised_20171114&origin=SE041&p1=LZBF62

(sorry it is so long!) then allegedly the RDA will just get £4 – just like that! (Nothing for me sadly!)

Lots of shops do it John Lewis, Sainsbury’s, EBay, booking.com to name but a very few!

Go on – for just a few minutes of signing up and getting you head around it you can get the RDA loads of free donations!