A Superb Funday 2016

It really was a fun day. Very busy, organized chaos and running late but who cared? Everybody was enjoying themselves and even the horses behaved! The weather was very kind. We all worked as a team, especially the Thursday evening helpers.

There was no chance of sitting down for a break and Sue was dashing around seeing if anybody would like a tea or coffee and fetching it for them. Far too many golden moments to record, such as seeing all the children getting their rosettes, but one special superman-background-cute-superman-chibi-important-wallpapersone for me…

During the fancy dress parade, I was side walking with another Thursday helper supporting a super hero. He could not speak or sit up and was about five years old. I had never met him before, since I only do Thursdays. We were playing races and putting eggs, soft toys and cups in or on various implements. I just played with him and encouraged him to have fun. You could see him laughing by looking into his eyes and he let out squeals of delight.

Afterwards, I don’t remember if she was his mum, nan or carer, but whoever she was came up to me squeezed my hand and arm and thanked me profusely for helping to make the young lad enjoy himself… I just said that it is what I do.

It makes you feel good.